Newborn care. When administered in a food of child puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily however a complementary diet food, the fresh food is first child will be just mashed.

Initially Babe should acquaint with strawberries puree, and start with a like fruit, so in a case of extract: this is usually an apple. Mashed foods introduced in TWO-3 week of the the extract, or some the fifth month of life. Input a new watermelon in a like manner so the juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To the note that most fruits have a laxative capacity, and blueberries on a contrary - crepes. Pear and medium banana effect on a child's aging body is extremely individual and may cause diarrhea however comfortably how constipation.

If all goes good, soon in a regime need be introduced crumbs and mashed vegetables. Читать полностью -->

What antipyretic choose?


Doctors often recommend a use of candles. You are tight acting and irreplaceable when a child refuses to drink the medicine. A older babies prefer syrup. About the effectiveness of a drug: approximately equally good ibuprofen and paracetamol (synonyms - dofalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, dolomol, efferalgan, Tylenol). And the 1-st has also analgesic effect (but is contraindicated in the 1st 0.5 of life). A paracetamol - a cure for the unique security. Читать полностью -->

Optimal portion


Many moms wonder how much a child need eat broth at a time. Of course, there are all individually, much depends on consumer food preferences, and specifically of his age. But yet averaged optimal infant portion of soup, given that there will be, and second, need be:

Up to 2 years old children can eat around 120-150 ml of a 1-st;

TWO to 3 years, a optimum portion of bisque is 150-180ml;

Kids under 6 may correctly overpower 180-200 ml bisque.

There is even a rule in the choice of a suitable age for a broth dish: diameter of its bottom need be size such as a baby's palm.

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Child care. How to bring down the temperature of an infant?


Children under one year is good to give a broth raisins, and later a year - stewed raspberries. Note that raspberry provokes sweating. How, be good to drink other beverages child earlier giving raspberries. Moreover, despite a long-standing practice to apply Kalina-raspberry-grapefruit, sour at high temperatures is contraindicated, how a acidity of the body in this state along raised.

Different juices at high temperatures is also much desirable.

If a newborn goes through drink and refuses to drink is permitted, it is good to let him drink, she like, what he does not drink at all.

And strive to drink temperature was about equal to a temperature of the body.

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Newborn care. How to make a "proper" children's soup


If you have decided on what soup or bisque will cook soup for babies, first thoroughly Carefully wash products (meat or crab - definitely recent) and cut into small items. After fill them with cold aqua, bring to a seethe, rinse and refill with h2o - hot. By a method, gastroenterologists recommend preparation bisque broth on a second, not only for kids but as well for adults.

How, cook a soup for broth in 0.5 an hour from a time a seethe over lower heating. Will certainly do sure that the broth was bubbling - let them quietly brewed. Of the a soup to infuse and drain. Thus prepared for a soup base can save a most quantity of vitamins.

As well important dishes. Читать полностью -->

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