Care of a baby. Medication of rubella in children


Child demands rest, great care, helf nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids (juices, plum drinks, jelly, natural milk tea). No specific medication for rubella is not: a medical man prescribes antipyretics, analgesics, etc. In the recovery time want give the baby a multivitamin, or you can cook for him vitamin teas.

Vitamin green tea

Required: 2 spoon l. Hips, TWO spoon l. Black currant, 200 ml of water.

Cooking. 1 teaspoonful. Читать полностью -->

Child attention. If a child refuses to eat soup


Correctly, you want 1st find out a taste preferences of a palate. Perhaps you add to a dish something that crumbs do not same extremely much.

Secondly, try to connect a baby to do a meal. A baby with delight to sluice vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will take place under the support of a fantastic story on the subject, he will want to at least try what came of it.

Frequently children eat, however to speak, for the company. Sit down at the dinner desk all a family. Can you put the item and Bunny. Читать полностью -->

When administered in a diet of child puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily as a complementary fresh food, a fresh food is first child will be just mashed.

Initially Babe should acquaint with fruit puree, and start from a same fresh fruit, as in a case of fresh juice: this is usually an big apple. Mashed foods introduced in 2-3 week after the fresh juice, or about the size of a fifth month of life. Enter a new fresh fruit in a like manner however the juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To wishlist that most fruits have a laxative effect, and blueberries on the contrary - crepes. Pear and big banana capacity on the baby's body is very individual and may cause diarrhea as good as constipation.

If all goes well, soon in a regimen must be introduced crumbs and mashed fresh vegetables. Читать полностью -->


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So to bring down a temperature of a child folk remedies?


Even when there is a wish to artificially lower the body temperature of a newborn, do not hasten to resort to chemical pharmaceuticals. In some cases it may help men's their money at a big temperature in children. This is certainly plenty of drink, on which we possess repeatedly emphasized (It is possible to try tea of??linden, chamomile). You need not wrap up the baby, if not chilly - a temperature want be released to a outside.

More slowly than a fever, but it is safe, according to a national judges, are wet wiping, and for this it is indispensable to apply water at apartment temperature. Effective folk remedy for a high temperature in a baby - wrap. Wrap up in a naked child soaked in cool h2o linen sheets, wear wet socks from h / b fabric over them - very dry wool, then shook her it in a dry wiper and over a top - in a soft wool blanket. Читать полностью -->

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