Child. Effectiveness of flu shots


Some question of worry to a parent, is a effectiveness of vaccination. According to statistics, clinical studies confirmed a effectiveness of influenza vaccination on a level of 70-90%. However, it how happens that of the influenza vaccination child still gets sick. Parents upset: why do all the vaccine? On this issue, too, enjoy an understandable explanation.

A fact that vaccines do during seasonal epidemics, to prevent severe illness and dangerous complications. However, a slight discomfort, colds, lung disease manifestations may occur. A key point is it is lightness, not heavy complications of influenza. Читать полностью -->

Moms. So to make mashed child


Ricer select only recent, preferably homemade, and no processed vegetables. Wash thoroughly wash and rinse again - perfect than boiling h2o. Cover with hot h2o and make until tender. It is recommended to cook steamed fresh vegetables or a small amount of fluid. Of the a h2o drain, mash through much, dilute a remaining vegetable bisque, milk, add the a butter and light prisolit brine (though most contemporary advises pediatricians to do entirely without saline). Now, again, bring lots to the boil and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding fruits puree, fruit here later thorough wash basically just grinded blender. Читать полностью -->

Care of a baby. Do I want to bring down a temperature of a child?


In an effort to help your newborn and trying to ease his suffering, moms and dads often make lots of mistakes. One of them - a overwhelming desire to bring down a temperature each time it appears. But in doing how, we are instead to be harmful newborn's aging body. After all, with a temperature it is struggling with a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Temperature increase in disease indicates that a immune system is involved in the work and fight microbes invaders. If the baby has no fever, so you must pay note to its immunity: this is not good.

How, you must understand a following: pathogenic viruses and bacteria may be killed only at high temperature. And for that, it need go up so much so up to 38.5 oC.

However, there is another point of view: a temperature is much dangerous and may kill viruses, however mentioned, you say, even at a temperature of 40 ° C and above, they are yet quite viable. Читать полностью -->

Service of a child. A flu shot for children


In now's world a issue of vaccination is very serious, as ordinary citizens, how rightly however parents who are vaccinated or not to vaccinate the kids. Thanks to television. Press and beloved Internet, opinions vary opposite frequently did not get to a root of the issue. A lot of parents, having read a frightening statistics about the size of the grave consequences of grafting, or worse, death, simply refuse any baby of vaccination. Others, on the contrary, at the slightest provocation strive to "defend" a baby, independently assigning him a course of vitamin or enrolling in regular vaccination of anything.

Judge, of course, the last thing, how I decided to help sort out this problem and avoid a most common mistakes. Recommend on immunization with a friend who is an infectious disease, how correctly however re-read lots of medicinal literature, that you may not suspect a trick.

Let's beginning with alarming statistics. Читать полностью -->

What does a flu shot


Now understand, why did you wish flu vaccine for your baby.

A fact that vaccination safeguard a aging body from a severe configuration of the disease and its complications, we are aware of. And the fact that the baby is not familiar with the influenza virus, however opposed to adults, probably never heard of. However, just because familiarity with the virus for the first time is at such a attractive age, a percentage of complications increases. To all this, add to the fact that a baby most of the time in a group (kindergarten, school), and therefore are at risk. In that case, the vaccination will be a rightly decision and is effectual in the prevention of influenza.

The following issue that parents are interested in vaccination: which is correct - a shot or nasal spray? According to doctors, a one and the other is an efficacious means for a prevention of influenza. Both methods are safe. Читать полностью -->

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