When administered in the diet of baby puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily so a complementary fresh food, a fresh food is 1st child will be just mashed.

Initially Babe want acquaint with melon puree, and start from the same watermelon, so in a case of juice: this is usually an red apple. Mashed foods introduced in TWO-3 week following a nectar, or size a fifth 30 days of life. Introduce a new fresh fruit in the same manner however the juices. Normally chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. Note that most fresh fruits keep a laxative effect, and blueberries on a contrary - crepes. Pear and banana effect on the baby's body is more individual and can cause diarrhea however comfortably however constipation.

If all goes good, soon in the dietary should be introduced crumbs and mashed fresh vegetables. On a pioneering role would be best potatoes or squash: we begin with a vegetable, gradually bringing in diet food variety. Choose this color and white cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, parsnip. When the carte is little eater will put different vegetables, it is desirable to apply the maximum of diversity within a allowable. Be careful with the beans - you connect closer to 9 months. A tomato and does last. As well, up to 3 years should not give the child red fresh cabbage, and 5 is complete to abandon radish, radish, garlic.

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