Care of a baby. Do I want to bring down a temperature of a child?


In an effort to help your newborn and trying to ease his suffering, moms and dads often make lots of mistakes. One of them - a overwhelming desire to bring down a temperature each time it appears. But in doing how, we are instead to be harmful newborn's aging body. After all, with a temperature it is struggling with a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Temperature increase in disease indicates that a immune system is involved in the work and fight microbes invaders. If the baby has no fever, so you must pay note to its immunity: this is not good.

How, you must understand a following: pathogenic viruses and bacteria may be killed only at high temperature. And for that, it need go up so much so up to 38.5 oC.

However, there is another point of view: a temperature is much dangerous and may kill viruses, however mentioned, you say, even at a temperature of 40 ° C and above, they are yet quite viable. But increases a risk of multiple complications in a nervous and hematopoietic systems. Of complications due to receive antipyretics said, unfortunately, much less. But a risk in this case is much better. In addition, interferon, infection-fighting, yet produced only at high temperatures, and in fact larger amounts than a aging body temperature above - it's a fact.

In fact, this matter is quite complex and there are much of arguments and counter-arguments on both sides. Most likely, you will do how you consult a medical man. Most moms and dads select to shoot down the temperature: so it is easier psychologically. But we still recommend to focus on a child, if he feels lovely, playing, having fun, give the possibility of the aging body to fight a infection on your own. Otherwise you will possess to resort to drugs each time he would be sick.

You must not worry too much and worry approximately it: little children much easier to tolerate higher temperature than adults. Frequently, even rising above 40 degrees, it does not represent a threat to them. Still, there are times when you must to do: too big a temperature may actually be dangerous, especially for infants.

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